Changing Chairs

Here we go!  Collaborate is moving to a new location and I’ve heard the rumblings… ‘Will the room be too big, too small, or too far from the parking lot?’  ‘Will we have the same feeling we have right here, at the Chamber, in a room quickly becoming too small yet packed with enthusiasm and great conversation?’  As a coach and team builder I hear these things and, honestly, want to lecture just a little.  My whole life is dedicated to helping people grow and to get along in groups, and I fully support a change of scenery. 

I have long held the belief that if we sit in the same chair, talk to the same people, wear the same hat, our world will become smaller and smaller.  Our life will become limited to what we know, not what we try.

As we move to the new location I think we should join hands and skip into the room, (stop now to imagine some of us skipping….that is a good laugh!) ready for what has always happened at Collaborate- connection, new thoughts, and  new friends. 

As we settle into the Depot be aware of how you are reacting and how you can help others react.  Are you grumbling or are you on an adventure?  Can you sit by someone new, welcome someone who has not been part of the group before, and suggest a new topic for conversation?  Of course you can!  You are stronger than where we have been as a group; you are where we are going and who we are becoming.

I am glad to know you and can’t wait to see you…in a new chair!

For those who are interested, my book “What’s Your Excuse?” goes into this concept of changing seats with a bit more depth.  I really am passionate about the challenge of new experiences!     

Just for fun…when you walk into regularly scheduled meeting, or you sit down for dinner tonight, choose an entirely new seat.  Changing your view can change the results.

©Karen Grosz and Canvas Creek Team Building 2011   



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